Agricultural Chemicals

We provide eco-conscious packaging solutions for Agricultural Chemical (AG Chem) Industries while making them safer and easier to dispense.

Our products enhance sustainable post-use options reducing hazards and product waste while increasing shipping and storage efficiencies for liquid and powdered herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and fungicides.

Product Features

  • Ball Valve with Std discharge with back flow check valve.
  • Tamper evident provision for valve and top lid.
  • Optional Special vent plug available, allow decant without full opening of lid or plug.
  • Option of enhanced barrier property fluorinated or with special barrier additive.

Industrial Chemicals

Industrial Chemical packaging meets the packaging needs with considering hazardous of products packed inside. We understand the product packed inside is very harmful to mankind.

Our durable and revolutionary designed chemical drums/IBC’s keep people and products safe during transport, use and storage. We use specialty adhesive, granules - less plastic, no compromise in strength giving exceptional performance.

All our products manufactured comply with UN certification requirements.


Food & Beverage

Our solutions are a key role in delivering a safe food supply from farm to table and offer eco-friendly food packaging that forward your sustainability goals. We have you covered with product protection to withstand external stress during distribution and storage.

We are committed to deliver the happiness of freshness and taste to our customers with our revolutionary designed safe packaging products – No compromise on quality!

Our products are recyclable and meets with the necessary standard certifications.


Automotive : DEF IBC

Our DEF IBC’s offer the highest levels of product protection and durability for your customers and end users. Engineered for the reusable storage and portable transport of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). All systems come fully assembled for easy deployment.

Product Features

  • Galvanized steel grid jacket resistant to rusting.
  • Suitable for DEF dispensing, storage, and transfer.
  • Dedicated side opening for dispensing.
  • Suitable for all dispensing units.
  • Special bottom profile for complete emptying.

Solar Cell

Solar cell manufacturing is a green process where in various chemicals are used in controlled manner like HF (Hydro Fluoric acid), HNO3 (Nitric Acid), HCl (Hydro Choloric acid), NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide), KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) and other specialty chemicals.

We have developed IBC with two opening specially for this application and now regularly offer such IBC’s

  • One standard 6 inch opening in center & other 50 mm side opening.
  • Side opening is used to insert dip tube for product suction and
  • Central opening is used for filling & return flow.

In view of hazardous nature of filled in chemicals, customers prefer to buy IBC without discharge valve. We can offer IBC’s with or without discharge valve.

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