Drums With Discharge Valve
  • For the 1st time, PE drums are offered with built-in Discharge valve.(optional)
  • Discharge valve made very compact, flushes with drum
  • Material discharge made most convenient
  • Easier handling, special handle grip,for easy opening / closing.
  • Can be pilfer evident sealed
  • Bottom discharge valve can be used to empty / discharge most of the contents.Use standard top openings to take last drops out.

Bottom discharge valve for easy emptying

Polygonal design for better strength.

Extended bottom XL ring for edge rolling.

2” Bottom discharge valve available.

Grip area for easy handling.

Technical Specifications


Optional Discharge Valve

Discharge Valve Specifications
Material PE
Discharge Valve DN50 butterfly valve with 2" buttress thread
2" Quick Discharge(QD) Coupler available
Gasket Gasket EPDM / VITON
Sealing Pilfer evident sealing

Drum with discharge valve option can be made available.

Quality Control And Certifications

Elaborate testing facilities are provided at every production facility in-house to ensure stringent testing of manufactured products both on-line and off-line. Products manufactured comply with UN Certification requirements. Different testing and statutory authorities have audited and tested the Products and have accorded their approval across the different regions.

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