Permeation Barrier IBC

  • Certain Liquids, Gases and vapours can slowly diffuse through the walls of a plastic container. This may adversely effect on quality & quantity of filled in goods.
  • Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) co polymer offer excellent Oxygen & Nitrogen barrier, Aroma barrier,Vitamin protection, Flavor preservation, Solvent barrier, Hydrocarbon barrier
  • GNX IBC with EVOH barrier is Innovative Co-extruded six layer,translucent inner container.
  • Inner layer is food grade HD-PE.
  • Outer layer is anti static HD-PE for additional safety.
  • Flourinated IBC’s (permeation Barrier IBC) This option is also available (Double-sided fluorination significantly reduces the permeation of filling goods.)

Quality Control And Certifications

Elaborate testing facilities are provided at every production facility in-house to ensure stringent testing of manufactured products both on-line and off-line. Products manufactured comply with UN Certification requirements. Different testing and statutory authorities have audited and tested the Products and have accorded their approval across the different regions.

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